Migrating from Trac to Redmine

By | March 12, 2017

In the past few days, I needed to migrate from a 6 years old server with CentOS 5 (it’s end of life is this month) to a shiny new one with Ubuntu 16.04. One of the services that was running in the old server was Trac 0.11 and I had several issues to move it to version 1.2. I like Trac and I’ve used it without any issues until now. After a while I decided to try Redmine 3.3.2, but I was not sure about the migration process.

After installing a large amount of requirements (a lot of Ruby packages), I followed this migration procedure that seemed straight-forward and should work with Trac 0.11, but it failed almost immediately for a very simple issue: The timestamps in all the database tables in Trac were in microseconds, whilst the script was expecting them in seconds.

I wrote this simple Perl script that changes the timestamps in all the Trac database tables:

Assuming that you have installed all the requirements (including the Perl ones with CPAN) and that the SQLite3 Trac database is called trac.db, execute the above script followed by the Redmine migration script:

The Ruby (rake) script asks for your Trac settings:

and outputs all the items that were migrated without any errors.

I checked immediately in Redmine if everything was migrated correctly and I noticed a couple of issues:

  • The attachments in the wiki and tickets are not migrated
  • The wiki links are corrupted. The whole wiki was migrated (all the pages and their content is correct), but the links got corrupted.

The attachments were not a big issue since I had a few of them.
The wiki links was a bit annoying, I went to the Index by title, check the new name and edit the pages that link the correspondent page. My wiki is large, but it’s not heavily linked, so it didn’t take too much time to fix it.

Now that I’ve been using Redmine for a week I feel quite comfortable with it and I think that its integration with Git is better than Trac’s.

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