Skipping incompatible /lib/ when searching for /lib/

When cross-building a program (but this could also happen when building natively), it’s normal that we don’t have the environment variables and building flags set with the right paths that indicate where the toolchain and the sysroot are. The wrong paths can lead to many types of building errors at different stages. This one happened… Read More »

Failed to map segment from shared object

Recently, I was working with an AMD Geode LX800 with Debian 7.2 installed on it. I had a small CF and was running out of space, so I used an USB stick where I copied the binary to test (a Qt5 app) and when executing it as a normal user and as root I was… Read More »

Cross-compiling a custom Net-SNMP agent

Building the default agents in Net-SNMP is quite easy if you’re using tools such as Buildroot, and even when building directly from the sources is not a problem. However, is not that easy if you want to cross-build a custom agent inside Net-SNMP. This procedure worked for me, but keep in mind that it was… Read More »