I started using Unix in 1994 at the University. At the time it was AIX and IRIX. Then I discovered Linux with my friends and realize that I could have a Unix-like machine at home in my PC where I could see the source code without having a quite expensive IBM RS6000 or a SGI Indigo with proprietary code.

Since then I’ve been using Linux and start working with it for more than twenty years, most of themĀ  with embedded Linux. Most of the projects in which I’ve worked on are Set-Top-Boxes, Digital Decoders and IoT devices.

I created this blog for sharing experiences in the use of embedded Linux for this kind of devices. Lately, I’ve been interested in industrial IoT devices for remote monitoring and control.

I appreciate topics such as bootloaders and kernel porting, drivers creation and adaptation, and user-space applications for the digital TV.