Monthly Archives: December 2008

TdT releases the source code of enigma2 for the sh4 arch

It’s very nice to end the year in this way: Team DuckTales, the guys that port enigma2 to the sh4-based Kathrein UFS-910, released their sources of enigma2. You can find them here: The code is quite clean with #if defined(__sh__), so changes with respect to the vanilla version are easy to find. The release.notes… Read More »

Video of enigma2 running in the sh4 arch

Finally you can watch a video that shows some of the work that has been done for running enigma2 in the sh4 arch. The box is based on a STb7109 cut 3.0. The quality of the video is not very good, but it gives a good idea of the current functionality. Enjoy it.