Video of enigma2 running in the sh4 arch

By | December 17, 2008

Finally you can watch a video that shows some of the work that has been done for running enigma2 in the sh4 arch. The box is based on a STb7109 cut 3.0.
The quality of the video is not very good, but it gives a good idea of the current functionality.

Enjoy it.

12 thoughts on “Video of enigma2 running in the sh4 arch

  1. adelide

    nice working!
    I think that you’re envies. I’d like to learn from you.
    do you mean to disclose the enigma source for sh4?

  2. paguilar

    According to the enigma2 license, any copies made from the original source must be released under the GPL.

    I cannot decide when and how it will be released, but I think is just a matter of having a stable release and some admin issues that shouldn’t take long.

  3. OlliT

    Team DuckTales released their modified e2-sources with their last release (rev. 600) afaik…

  4. adelide

    immediately, i got an e2-source for sh4 while need to log-in.
    OLLiT// thank you for your reply.

  5. frank


    do i understand right that you are using the LinuxDVB Api with STAPI Drivers?

  6. paguilar

    Hi frank,

    I’m not using the STAPI drivers.
    Afaik, there are no Linux DVB API implementations on top of the STAPI/STFAE drivers.


  7. frank

    hm the only other drivers i’am aware of is the,
    linuxdvb implementation from stlinux, but as far as i know, this isn’t released to the public, yet.

    i believe this is also used on the ufs910.

    Are you using that too?

    maybe we should discuss that in a more private way.

  8. Linu

    Hi Frank,

    So far as I know, there is linuxDVB implementation on the top of STAPI driver. it is made in ST italy around 4 years ago. I am not sure. and linuxDVB released from STS (ST bristol)(not released officially) is not using the STAPI driver.

    I really want to know which linuxDVB implementation is used for porting this project on the sh4.

    Do you have any information ?

    Pls share your information 🙂

    Best Regards,
    Linu (from Seoul, Korea)

  9. paguilar

    Hi Linu,

    AFAIK, the only Linux DVB API implementation for these family of chips has been done by ST in Bristol and it is an alternative to the STAPI that is maintained in France and it doesn’t have a Linux DVB API on top of it.

    ST Italy never developed such a thing. At least that’s what they told me when I asked them personally.


  10. Linu

    Hi Frank,

    Thank a lot for your valuable feedback.
    Hmm, As I know, there was a LinuxSTB tree a few years ago. it was on top of STAPI tree and was implemented for LinuxDVB arch. it have ever been used for a customer in korea 2 years ago.

    Anyway, As you mentioned, the LinuxDVB API implementation tree of ST in bristol is being not released officially from their site. Do you have it ?

    Best Regards,

  11. Linu

    Hi Paguilar,

    Ooops, I make very stupid mistake.

    Your name is changed into Frank… I am sorry 🙁

    Above my feedback is for you.

    Best Regards,


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