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Looking for new projects

Now that the project in which I’ve been working for some time is completely functional and at the moment I’m not developing for it, I’m looking for new projects in the consumer equipment platforms field such as digital TV. If you have an embedded Linux project or know someone who has, you can contact me… Read More »

Code formatting for comments

With the WP-Syntax plugin that I installed this weekend you can  write your comments with a clean syntax highlighting. You only need to write the code between the <pre lang=”LANGUAGE”> and </pre> tags where `LANGUAGE` is a GeSHi supported language syntax. This means it recognizes several languages such as C, C++, bash and  Perl that… Read More »

A code formatting plugin for the blog

I added a WordPress plugin that provides clean syntax highlighting for the code or shell commands in the posts and comments. This will ease the copy&paste between the blog and the shell. If you have any problems while copy&pasting or any comment just let me know. The plugin that I used is WP-Syntax. Thanks.