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By | January 21, 2011

Now that the project in which I’ve been working for some time is completely functional and at the moment I’m not developing for it, I’m looking for new projects in the consumer equipment platforms field such as digital TV.

If you have an embedded Linux project or know someone who has, you can contact me at pedro (’dot’) aguilar (’dot’) iniestra (’at’) gmail (’dot’) com

7 thoughts on “Looking for new projects

  1. Ruben

    Hi Pedro,

    Your blog is quite impressive!

    I have one question, was you finally able to run enigma2 on the mb442 board??

    Because I was able to get one of those and I would like to try. but I am a little lost..

    Once gotten the code from http://gitorious.org/open-duckbox-project-sh4 I know it has to be modified for the mb442 but I don’t know where to start

    Any tip?

    Thanks in advance

  2. paguilar

    Hi Ruben, I was able to run enigma2 on the QBoxHD that has a STi7101 processor that is the same processor used in the mb442 board. You’re right regarding the tdt (open duckbox) project. You need to modify their sources for making them work on the mb442. It should not be difficult because all the modifications they do are under #defines. If you check their code you’ll see #defines for the different decoders they support.
    You need to start with the kernel, drivers and then with enigma2. The kernel should be a problem because it already has the support for the mb442. Then, you have to check in the drivers and enigma2 the ‘peripherals’ such as the remote control and the front-panel display because these are not present on the mb442. These parts are the ones in which you have to be careful.
    Good luck!

  3. Ruben

    Hi Pedro,

    The mb442 is based on sti7109 right?

    I suppose for the kernel I just have to point to the right directory /opt/STM/STLinux-2.3/…

    For the drivers I imagine that I would have to modify several things like the PIOs, CEC, etc.

    Just a curiosity, how fluid did enigma2 runs on a 7109 piece of equipment?


  4. paguilar

    Hi Ruben, the STi7101 and STi7109 are basically the same chip, except that the later supports more video formats (IIRC, it supports WMV)
    For the kernel, you’re right, additionally you need to configure the right processor when you do ‘make menuconfig’.
    Regarding the drivers, yes, you need to adapt all these things.
    Enigma runs smoothly! Some tdt images for the ipbox or kathrein have a very fluid enigma2 with a zap time of ~1 second. In the QBoxHD is a bit slower but more stable.

    1. paguilar Post author

      I’ve never tried the STi7109. I’ve only used the old STi7101…
      It shouldn’t be difficult to port all the user space and most of the drivers. Even the player2 version that is used should support the STi7109. The only problems are the Duolabs proprietary drivers (needed for the FPGA) and the PTI driver that is different between the processors.
      And sorry for the late reply.

  5. beats


    Have you heard about wydevices?

    Stlinux 2.3 inside, cross compilation enviroment already set, sti7109 chips and interesting specs.

    Stills a lot of problems though, because of closed source and default security settings. The good point is that now that kind of work is already done and it’s more easier now!

    More info at https://code.google.com/p/wydevices/

    Also we are running a forum at http://wydev.orgfree.com/foro/


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