Enigma2 and kernel sources for the sh4 based QBoxHD released

By | May 20, 2009

I’m quite happy to announce that the QBoxHD team has released after several months of development the enigma2 source code.
The sources were heavily modified for this hardware and it’s not yet finished, but it seems to be stable.
There are several ugly/dirty hacks that will be polished over time.

The enigma2 SVN repo is here:

$ svn checkout https://www.qboxsvn.com/e2-0.2/e2-0.2/trunk  enigma2

Along with the enigma2 sources, you’ll find the kernel sources too.
The kernel SVN repo is here:

$ svn checkout https://www.qboxsvn.com/linux-sh4- kernel_qboxhd

The kernel with SVN? Bad… But since there were very few modifications and there was already a SVN repo it was easy to put it there.

The wiki/trac link at the moment are read only to the public, so everyone can check what’s going on with the project:

As with most of this kind of devices, (sadly) the drivers will remain closed.
This means that this enigma2 source code is tied to this box since it has a lot of modifications that are platform specific. However, it wouldn’t be difficult to port it to another sh4 based box.

4 thoughts on “Enigma2 and kernel sources for the sh4 based QBoxHD released

  1. adelide

    hi~ you are coming…with good news~.

    i wrote to need your help.
    I have a problem. in latest stlinux kernel 2.6.23(A15 rev from stlinux.com)
    refer the follow.

    1. mount the usb hdd(fs=fat32)
    2. using kernel api for check the available space(mounted hdd).
    3. once, hdd was busy. so, stb was hangup for long time.

    but… same usb hdd(ext2 or ext3 formatted) was very fast. it’s normal.

    do you know about it?.
    qbox is no problem? T.T

  2. paguilar

    I have seen problems with 3.5″ SATA HDD because of know issues regarding the STi710x, but not with USB HDD. In the QBoxHD I’ve formatted in vfat or ext2/3 without any problem.

  3. adelide

    I have met the errors during e2 compiling.

    follow message.
    dvb.cpp:11:34: error: linux/dvb/stm_ioctls.h:
    dvb.cpp:528:1: warning: multi-line comment

    where is the file(stm_ioctls.h)?

    please, help me


  4. John


    you are back with good news. Thanks for your nice information and let me check with your source on Qbox and other Sh4 box..



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