The OpenSource Team Ducktales Project releases all their sources

By | December 21, 2009

[Update 21/12/2009: The git repository in the link will remain alive and not as stated.]

After more than two years that this project began under the The Ducktales Team (TDT) name, it now changes its name to The OpenSource Team Ducktales Project and releases all the sources along with the necessary infrastructure for creating images.

The git repository is here

The main modules of the project are:

  • Build environment
  • Kernel sources (patches)
  • Enigma2 source
  • Drivers sources
  • All tdt applications

The big news here are the drivers sources, specially their player2 version, that takes advantage of the STi710x hardware and at the same time exports a compatible Linux DVB API. The original player2 adds an additional Linux DVB adapter that gives compatibility issues to applications such as szap and enigma2.

It seems that this repository will be available for cloning only for a limited time, so get it asap and clone it to an open source git hosting service as they suggest.

You can clone it from here:

git clone git://

Notice that all the source code in this repository is Open Source. It does not contain any proprietary video and audio firmwares and headers, nor the proprietary PTI driver.

I hope I can contribute to this project soon!

Thanks to the OpenSource Team Ducktales Project!!!

6 thoughts on “The OpenSource Team Ducktales Project releases all their sources

  1. frank

    Hi paguilar,

    i think the line about limited time was for another repository which is/was only available for few people.
    The one repository you posted is the official repository and will stay alive.

    hope to see you in future on

  2. paguilar

    Hi, I don’t have a cuberevo, but these sources could work only partially on those decoders because there is hardware specific code, eg.tuners drivers, that are different between the already supported decoders such as the Kathrein ufs910 and the cuberevo decoders.


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